Breath like The Iceman 

Breath like The Iceman 

If you’re fortunate enough to get out for a walk in the morning – maybe taking the dog to the park, walking the kids to school, or heading down to the station to go to work – you’re probably starting to wrap up a bit more than you were a month or 2 earlier.

And I’d bet what you’re NOT doing is thinking about hopping into the first body of icy water you see.

But, done the right way, cold water exposure can have huge benefits for our minds and bodies.

Just ask ‘The Iceman’, Wim Hof.

Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme athlete and the creator of the Wim Hof Method, which combines breathing techniques and cold therapy to increase immunity, improve sleep, reduce stress, and heighten focus.

You wouldn’t be the only one to be sceptical about the benefits of breathing and getting cold, but scientific evidence has shown that these techniques can provide benefits such as:

  • Influence of the nervous system and immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory effects (great for pain relief!)
  • Decreases in flu-like symptoms – perfect for this time of year
  • Improved oxygen delivery during exercise (which increases performance)

If you’re curious to try the Wim Hof Method for yourself, it’s important you start slow, rather than chucking yourself into your nearest lake.

Why not start with the breathing technique:

  1. Take a strong breath in through your nose
  2. Breath out slowly through your mouth
  3. Repeat 29 times
  4. On your 30th breath, exhale 90 percent of the air from your lungs, and hold for as long as you can
  5. When you feel like you really need to breath, inhale full and hold for 15 seconds before releasing
  6. Repeat the entire process for 2 more rounds

While scientists are still working on understanding how techniques like this can affect our brains and bodies, and be used in healing and pain relief, 

If you decide to try this technique out for yourself, let me know how you get on!