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Susan, A.


At the end of last year, I started with pain in my left leg and lower back. I thought I had a trapped nerve. I went to my GP and I also has a couple sessions with a sports physio. I was on pain killers and nerve tablets. 


I was recommended to try Thrive Wellness Chiropractic from people I work with. I had an x-ray which identified my main issues.


I can’t honestly say I feel totally better now and I would advise people to go. The team are all extremely helpful. Five-star care received from reception and chiropractors.


Many Thanks


Pam, B.


I feel as though my body belongs to me again. I can put my socks on easily and cut my toenails.


It is wonderful not to have to think twice how to do normal everyday things.


Christine O’Brien


I am a retired nursery nurse. I have a husband, two grown up children and three grandchildren.


I came to Thrive Wellness Chiropractic on a recommendation of my son, after many years of suffering with migraines.


My Migraines started late 1980’s, food or drink could not be connected to the onset of a migraine. It was then said to be premenstrual as I was getting them once or twice a month. My GP prescribed several medications until one was found to be successful.


This had helped me throughout my working years and enabled me to have a little time off due to the headaches.


I have had several shoulder problems and whiplash injuries resulting in me now having spondylosis.


After retirement the migraines were less frequent until early 2018. The make of my medication had been changed and were not working. It affected me playing with my grandchildren and having them sleeping over. I declined many social events when the migraines had set in.


I am so thankful that I had taken my sons advice. The team at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic had been a God send. They are very understanding. Thank You.


Janet, P


I was first introduced to the Team at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic via my Husband who was having chiropractic care for his current back pain.


Following his dramatic improvement and our attendance at the clinic’s complimentary health talk, I decided to book myself as I too has been suffering with severe pain in my right knee while awaiting a knee replacement operation.


I had also been experiencing low back pain as a result of my knee pain.


I am happy to say that not only has all my pain and discomfort been alleviated, the Team has helped me to prepare for my operation and my plan of care will also aid in my recovery afterwards.


I can’t speak highly enough of the Team at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, and nothing is too much trouble.


Thank you for all your help, advice and encouragement. I would not be pain free nor in the position I am today without you all. 


Thank You


Kevin, P


My chiropractic journey started following advice from my personal trainer, who has been a long-standing member at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic.


Exercises centred around mobility were no longer helpful, I have a long history of back problems going back to 1990 and have suffered chronic pain since then, which I have managed to cope with but I came to a point where I needed professional help.


I embarked on a course of care with the Team at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic and through extensive investigations, examinations and x-rays, it was determined that I had several compressed disc. I underwent a plan of management which I included massage with a massage therapist.


The team has done a fantastic job. Being patient and understand ng and helpful to me. The hardest and most tiring had been to improve my posture due to my job being seated for most of the day.


I would not hesitate in recommending the Team at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic. They are fantastic, friendly and helpful. You are all superstars.


Leanne, W


Where to start! About 4/5 years months ago I started to experience severe pain which came on suddenly and affected me day and night. I knew it wasn’t going away on its own and the first place I thought of was Thrive Wellness Chiropractic, as I knew they would be able to help me. 


I booked in and knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. From the initial contact, throughout my care, the team are very welcoming and made me feel at ease and positive about my journey with them.


I knew results wouldn’t be immediate as I had to be dedicated to changes in my lifestyle and the chiropractic care I was receiving. I soon began to realize the benefits of chiropractic care. 


I generally feel changes and improvements to my health, body and mind. I feel great!


Pamela, I


After suffering with toothache, I went to my dentist who said I have neuralgia.


My GP prescribed medication which did not have much effect. A friend of mine recommended seeing a chiropractor.


After an initial consolation, examination and Report of my findings, the Team explained that I was suffering from many years of stress related issues. 


I have been having care under Thrive Wellness Chiropractic and have made great progress so far.


Thank You 


Sally, K


I can’t believe how fantastic Thrive Wellness Chiropractic has been. 


I am conscious of my posture and everyone else as well. I am always correcting how my friends are siting. 


My ability at the gym has improved and my PT commented that my movement is returning, and my strength is increasing. 


I wish I had been aware of the benefits as a teenager and the fact that it is a way of life and not just a quick fix to a problem. 


Thank You.


Sharon, P


I visited Thrive Wellness Chiropractic a few weeks ago as I was suffering from sciatica and back pain and after a few flare ups I’d had enough. 


So glad I made that choice.


First impression was that everything was clean, professional and the team was friendly. I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. My consultation was amazing and after careful and in-depth tests together we agreed on a plan of management and after the first few sessions I started to feel much better!


I can now swim 20 lengths which before was only 1! The adjustments are not painful although I am still nervous.


I know that my body takes time to heal. I’ve changed my diet thanks to the advice to help with decreasing my inflammation.


I look forward to going to my chiropractic sessions. If you are suffering, go for it. It will be the best decision you make, and you can’t put a price on your health.


Thank You


Gill, W


I started with Thrive Wellness Chiropractic when I hurt my back tidying in the garden. I could hardly put my left foot on the floor without it spasming and the sciatica pain was constant. Thinking I could sort it out with pain killers and nerve blockers I went down this route.


After 2 plus weeks of constant pain and little change, I made an appointment with the Team as I didn’t know what else to do.


After contemplating the form, they sent me prior to my first assessment, a lot of my issues where still related to my car accident 26 years ago. 


I felt nervous prior to my visit but was quickly made to feel at ease by all the team.


Lynda, B


3 months ago, following 2 hip replacements, I had back pain, limiting movement and experiencing difficulty walking and sleeping.


My friend attended Thrive Wellness Chiropractic and I was unable to get an early GP appointment, so I had given the chiropractic practice a call.


Everyone was very helpful. After my initial examination, I had begun my care.


I now feel much better when sleeping and I am now able to walk a greater distance and I have a much better range of movement.


My advice to anyone would be to give them a call, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Thank you


Pat, H


For years I have been suffering from swollen knees and groin pain at times I could not sleep.


I often ran my sister to the clinic and one of her appointments I came in with her. I noticed she was always commenting on how better she felt after her chiropractic session.


So, I thought why not give it a go. So, I booked a consolation there and then. After meeting the full team who were so friendly and helpful, I started with my journey.


I met my chiropractor who at once put my mind at rest and made me feel at ease, he worked hard on me and by the third session my groin ache had disappeared, and my knee pain reduced.


I have been having care now since March 2018 and felt the benefits straight away.


Thank you to the Team for helping me on my road to recovery again and for their lovely way of making me welcome each time I visited the clinic. 


Carol, B


I was desperate when I first went to Thrive Wellness Chiropractic. 


I had been suffering from knee and back pain for over 2 years. I had been told by consultants that I had degeneration of my lower discs and only option was for me to be referred to a pain clinic. 


Luckily a friend suggested I try Thrive Wellness Chiropractic. After a thorough consultation and examination, they knew they would be able to help me. 


From the first session I felt some relief and now I can honestly say I am totally pain free, apart from the occasional little niggle which everybody gets. Everybody at the clinic is so friendly and always make you feel comfortable. 


I can’t emphasize enough how much my life has changed – pain and painkiller free.


Thank You


Albert Dean


I have been attending Thrive Wellness Chiropractic since April 2016, when I initially had low back pain.


It has been one of the best things I have done, and I cannot thank all the team enough, for all their help and support they have given to me.


I have recently recommended a friend to the clinic and he too is very pleased with the amazing team.


Please keep up the good work that you all do and many thanks again.


Cath, McT


I have been coming to Thrive Wellness Chiropractic for the past 3 years. I had come at a very bad time as I had a severe slipped disc which resulted in surgery unfortunately.


However, during the time, I was awaiting surgery the chiropractic care I received to continue to keep me mobile was exceptional.


The Team took the time to explain everything along the away and was a great support both emotionally and professionally throughout as I was understandably apprehensive, and my spirits were very low.


I would just like to so thank you to the Team at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic for the continued support in keeping me mobile.  You could not be in better hands if you were to find yourself in a position where you needed to use a chiropractor. 


Gabriella, H


Iv been coming here for about 5 years now, I come because of my back and joint pain which always eases after my chiropractic sessions, but the main reason I continue coming is that chiropractic massively helps my migraines.


I used to have them once or twice every week lasting roughly two days but now I get them once every two months if that and they don’t last as long.


Thrive Wellness Chiropractic has helped me more than any other care I have received.



Hilary, P


At 81 years old and suffering from osteoporosis resulting in lumbar spinal stenosis. I was suffering acute back pain and had difficulty walking any distance.


Following my chiropractic care, I am in less discomfort and can walk better without chiropractic care I would be severely disabled and forced to use a walking frame.


Thank You


Michelle, F


I have had a long standing back problem for about 30 years. I have had physiotherapy on numerous occasions over the years and this has only given me short term relief. My back went in August 2018 and I couldn’t walk or bend over for days and knew I had to do something different.


I had an appointment with Thrive Wellness Chiropractic and was explained exactly what was happening with my back. I booked a course of chiropractic care and now have never felt better. Not only has my back improved massively but the niggles I had with my hips have gone. I will continue to maintain my improvements with regular chiropractic care as I continue to see the benefits.


Thank You


Stephen, F


Before my first visit to Thrive Wellness Chiropractic I was in constant pain and feeling very down. 


I could not even sit down my pain was that bad. 


On arrival I was made to feel very welcome. The team are so helpful. Not knowing what to expect I was shocked at my posture when assessed. 


Within a few weeks of Chiropractic care I was back to playing golf without any issues and this has continued to this day. 


You do learn a lot about yourself and do make changes to your life. If you have any doubts or are unsure, trust me you will be looked after in a very professional and caring way. 


My life changed and will continue changing for the better as I continue my care.


Adrianna, R


I had visited Thrive Wellness Chiropractic as I had middle back pain for as long as I can remember – at least 35 years. 


During this time, I had visited many Physiotherapy Clinics and had numerous treatments. After each treatment I felt a bit better for a couple of days and after that the pain returned. 


In June 2017 the pain become unbearable. By the end of each school day, as I was walking back home, the pain was so terrible that I could not breath and only relief I had was to lie down on the floor for a while. 


I decided to make an appointment with Thrive Wellness Chiropractic. The clinic was recommended to me by 3 different people. 


During my chiropractic care, I soon began to take pride in my posture, correcting it multiple times a day. The care help reduce the pain as well as my headaches. 


Thank you to the Team at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic for your support, care and the daily home exercises I don’t have back pains for a month at a time. 


Michael, McE


I started with chronic upper back pain a few years ago. After taking various painkillers which only slightly reduced my pain levels, I decided to visit the Team at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic.


After regular visits I’m now pain free. The team at the clinic are helpful, friendly and nice to talk to.


I would recommend anyone like me to make a visit to the clinic.


Thank You  


Stuart, B


In mid-2016 I had a series of problems all within three weeks. I had knee surgery, trapped nerve in my spine and a minor stroke. All affected my left side.


Before this I had been playing golf at least once a week always walking. All this stopped and I thought that was the end.


I was recommended to try Thrive Wellness Chiropractic. They had worked hard on my mind and body and changed my outlook on the future. I feel stringer and clear that I can affect my own future by regular exercise, better posture and a positive mental attitude. I now have them all. Golf is back on the agenda.


Thank you to you all. Good company with an excellent team.


Brenda, R


I had sustained a fracture to the shaft of my femur in 2012. 


After years of complications and 3 reconstructive surgeries, I was left with a permeant and significant leg length difference, it was then that I started to notice the onset of low back pain. 


Before visiting the Chiropractor, I had constant lower back pain for several months. But, joy of joy, after the first few sessions of treatment it was gone! And it hasn’t returned. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Simon, W


As the weeks have progressed, I have to say that the improvement has been quite dramatic. Whilst I will always have some degree of pain from the damaged nerve after the disc herniated, the intensity is only a fraction of what it once was.


More importantly, the insidious pain seems to have gone. Consequently, I have got my life back. I can actually go out without worrying about not being able to get back home.


Leanne, F


Before I came to Thrive Wellness Chiropractic, I had been struggling with real back problems for many years, which had caused me to have weeks off work on the sick I’d had many different tests over the years and nothing gave me any results.


My good friend suggested I go to the chiropractor as my problem was getting worse, so I just thought what have I got to lose. I went to see my chiropractor in July of this year, and I have never looked back. My pain is now manageable I have not had any time off work sick and I am back in the gym getting stronger and stronger.

I can highly recommend coming to Thrive Wellness Chiropractic the team are super friendly and really helpful it’s like one big family. It’s helped me massively to maintain a happy healthy lifestyle again.

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