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Meet The Chiropractic Assistants

Faiza – Chiropractic Assistant


I have been working with the clinic for over a year now.


I love my role as I love to interact with people and watch their journey with the clinic.


My favourite thing about our clinic is the staff and guests. Our staff is like family and we all like to make our guests feel the same way ‘warm and welcoming’.

I love chiropractic because its a safe and natural approach to healing. I have also benefitted tremendously from it so I can relate to each guest.


Jo – Chiropractic Assistant


I started working as a CA at Thrive in April 2017, as i was particularly interested in Chiropractic Care and wanted to become a part of such an interesting subject.


As a keen gym-goer and yoga, i am fascinated by ways to improve health and well-being. i love my role in clinic as i like to learn new skills, interact with people and see the fantastic results from Chiropractic care.

Faye – Chiropractic Assistant


I started with Thrive March 2022 and I love it!  It is great to work amongst a team who are passionate, caring and offer 5-star service.  I have spent 17 years previous to this working within the spa, holistic and wellness industry and know how vital client care is. 


Looking after your health is so important and Chiropractic care compliments this perfectly!  I have seen many Alternative medicine approaches and treatments and how much it can help you, Chiropractic care is just as amazing for your body and mind as I thought it would be.


In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my Family and 2 young children.  I like to explore the outdoors and the adventures life has to offer.

I am looking forward to my journey here.

huddersfield chiropractic clinic Faye
huddersfield chiropractic clinic Lilly
Lily – Chiropractic Assistant


I started working at Thrive in October 2021 and was welcomed into the clinic by the lovely team. I have seen the amazing benefits chiropractic care can give, everyone is so friendly and I have loved meeting new people.


It is a fantastic environment to work in and I am looking forward to learning more.

Ellie – Chiropractic Assistant


Hi, I’m Ellie, one of the chiropractic assistants here at Thrive. I’ve just completed a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and I’m keen to use this knowledge to improve people’s health, well-being, and general fitness. Following a recommendation, I visited a chiropractor and was fascinated by the positive outcomes of this alternative treatment method. The team at Thrive are professional, extremely welcoming, and friendly and I’m looking forwards to seeing positive results for members receiving care here at Thrive.

I am an accomplished dancer and I maintain my fitness now through attending the gym and walking my dog Milo, I also enjoy photography and travelling to different parts of the world.

Stella – Chiropractic Assistant


I began my journey with THRIVE Wellness in February 2023.

I come from a holistic therapies background and I believe in an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness. I admire the job the chiropractors do at our clinic.

I felt from the first day, welcomed and part of a team and it’s one of the most well-organised places I’ve ever worked in. The members voyage is the most rewarding part of the job, seeing their life-changing and sensing their gratitude it’s not comparable to anything else.

Sally – Chiropractic Assistant


Hi my names Sally and I am one of the chiropractic assistants here at Thrive Wellness.


I had no idea about chiropractic treatment until I became a practice member and began my adjustment journey, then I became very interested, very quickly and became a massive advocate of Chiropractic care and all its benefits.


I find it fascinating and I am extremely passionate about it. When the opportunity was presented to me to become part of the team I immediately said yes.


So here I am now, part of a fantastic team and something truly amazing – In addition to my Thrive family I am also married and rescue & help rehome English Bull Terriers that are in need.


I enjoy the gym, walking and I am highly sociable.

Hannah – Chiropractic Assistant


I started at Thrive as a CA in September 2023.


From the talented team to our wonderful members, the clinic is such a lovely place to be. Prior to starting my journey as a CA, I was totally unaware of what chiropractic care could do.


However, after seeing the benefits of it each day, I am excited to continue learning more. Outside of the clinic, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I also like to read a good book and listen to music.